Same old, same old

It feels like it's been a long week, although that's mainly due to the usual lack of sleep (have been up before 6 for the past couple of days, thanks Nicky) and we haven't really done much of note. We went to Petts Woodstock on Saturday as it was my friend's 30th birthday yesterday. It was pretty decent, especially as it was free to get in - 16 bands playing on two stages, just local bands but the ones we saw were all pretty good (my favourites were 'Those Skallywagz' who apologised every time they swore, which was often, then finished with a song which was called something like 'You're a Mug'). Nicky enjoyed himself, running around in front of the stage and attempting to get backstage whenever he thought we weren't looking!

Other than that, it's been a quiet week for us, which is in stark contrast to what is going on around the country over the last few days. It's quite sad seeing all the pointless destruction going on, especially when it seems most are using it as an excuse to load up on trainers and iPhones by looting shops. Not sure what can be done about it really, but it restored some faith in humanity seeing all the people wanting to help clean up yesterday.

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