Still coughing

This cough really doesn't want to shift, it's getting quite violent at times. It's also been keeping me awake which isn't what I need when sleep is hard enough to come by at the best of times!

Somehow though squash went OK last night, I won over half my games for the first time in 2 months and came second out of five - now I just need to beat Will, I haven't beaten him for 2 months and it's become a bit of a mental block.

I've found a few of Nicky's old toys for Kitty to play with now she's a bit older, but unfortunately they include Little Singing Alfie, possibly the most annoying toy ever, although sadly Kitty seems to like it (as did Nicky).

Keane Ingram

A father of three and husband of one. I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active (especially cycling, running and capoeira) and playing video games. I also enjoy reading and watching films.

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