Feeling better

The antihistamines seem to have done the trick - I'm only coughing very occasionally now and feeling a lot better for it. I haven't had to bother with the nasal spray.

We had a long weekend away at Kelling Heath Holiday Park in Norfolk. The campsite has had rave reviews everywhere (even rated by The Guardian as one of the top 10 family campsites in the country), and after staying there we can happily say that all of that is justified. Even though Nicky and Kitty are too young to participate in any of the activities yet, Nicky for one certainly had a great time, especially when we went on the steam train. We went on a couple of the nature trails, and generally enjoyed the quiet and tranquility. It's also close to Cromer which was a lovely seaside town, although a bit quiet at this time of year. The campsite is several leagues above the Park resort we stayed at in Clacton, and we can't wait to go again.

The new Blogger dashboard is a bit strange and will take some getting used too. It's certainly much cleaner and seems to have a better layout, but time will tell.

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