Almost well again

I'm still not completely well it seems - I missed taking the antihistamines for one day last week and was coughing the next, so will have to stay on them for now. I seem to be much better generally though, to the extent that I not only came top of the table but beat Will overall as well. However, I was knackered to the point that I couldn't add up properly and thought Will had won until I worked it out the next day!

We had a fairly quiet weekend, as Nicky and Kitty are still a bit unwell, and Nicky's been having a few tantrums so we just wanted to try and rest as much as possible.

The least said about football the better, although I've come to expect that we're going to lose at White Hart Lane. At least I can still laugh at Torres' miss against the Scum...

We're glad that Torchwood has finished, because this series was laughably bad, although we still had to watch it as we'd come this far. Doctor Who has had a great couple of weeks, although with James Corden in it next week I'm not hoping for much...

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