It was a really warm weekend, could have done with weather like that in the summer! We had a lazy day on Saturday as both kids have been unwell, I took Nicky to the park and melted whilst Nicky demanded to be pushed on the swing. Despite my best efforts he won't swing his legs himself, although I have a sneaking suspicion he knows what to do and is just lazy or trying to wind me up!

On Sunday we went to Hadleigh Castle and had a picnic. Nicky enjoyed climbing in the ruins whilst Kitty was happy enough lying on the grass. It was pretty nice up there. I've no idea where the mountain bike track for the Olympics will be though, I thought it was supposed to be around there.

My laptop isn't coping very well with the heat, and my hard drive is frequently reaching 60C which is pretty bad, meaning I have to take breaks from work to let it cool down. My replacement barebones unit should be delivered today though so hopefully it won't be an issue for much longer...

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