Power cut

We had a power cut yesterday and the day before which threw us out a little, especially as all our cooking is done with electricity, but thankfully it was sorted by yesterday evening. More importantly, it stopped me from a) work and b) playing with my new PC!

The barebones unit worked this time, so my new PC is mostly setup - it's all ready for working, but got a few other bits to install still. It's unbelievable how much quicker it is than using my laptop - YouTube videos run without everything crashing to a halt, I can have more than two windows open without the hard drive overheating, it's great! It makes work much quicker and less frustrating as well.

I was sad to read about Steve Jobs yesterday. Whilst I don't own a single Apple product, clearly they have inspired many other companies, and his company revolutionised music, computers and the film industry.

Keane Ingram

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