Nicky seems to have alternated between being absolutely lovely and a total monster over the last few days. We're not sure if it's down to teeth coming through or a cold or maybe the position of the stars in the sky?

We had a fairly quiet weekend. We went to a couple of shops at Thurrock Retail Park on Sunday, I got myself a shirt for a party we're going to this weekend. That's about as exciting as it got - we spent Saturday waiting in for someone to come and check the gas appliances but they never turned up.

Been watching a few little bits of X Factor, which is enough to make me hate pretty much all of the contestants. From what I've seen Misha B is going to win, unless they make her sing some daft song completely unsuited to her voice (guaranteed to happen sooner or later). We watched Fry's Planet Word last night, which featured a clip of Stephen Fry and Brian Blessed swearing - brilliant!

Edit: here's the clip with Stephen Fry and Brian Blessed - starts at about 1:45...

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