I can barely remember what we did at the weekend, days just seem to all blur into one. It was fairly quiet by our standards I think. We went to a boot sale on Sunday, but it started raining just as we got there so everyone started packing up, meaning Nicky got a few free cars off a seller, then just as we left the sun came out again.

I went to the dentist yesterday to have my troublesome tooth looked at, despite the root canal and crown it's still sore, so yesterday I had the top bit drilled off, so there's not so much pressure on it when I clench my teeth. I'm also on amoxicillin for a few days, if that doesn't help then I'll probably have to have the tooth taken out which is annoying after going through all that pain in February!

Squash tonight, I almost had a reasonable amount of sleep tonight so will hopefully be in winning form again!

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