Today saw the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and sadly due to a lack of time and money I'm not one of those who was queuing up at midnight to get it. Realistically I know I would never have enough time to play it at the moment anyway, but seeing people tweeting about it makes me a bit jealous! I know I could have ordered it anyway, but the new Zelda game is out next week which I'm a lot more excited about overall.

Had a terrible day yesterday due to lack of sleep, but last night was a bit better, Nicky feel asleep during dinner at about 5.30 and apart from falling out of the bed a couple of times stayed there until 6am.

No idea if squash is going to happen this week as all the courts are booked when we normally play, so we might play a little earlier than usual.

Keane Ingram

A father of three and husband of one. I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active (especially cycling, running and capoeira) and playing video games. I also enjoy reading and watching films.

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