Long week

I don't think I've stopped this week, can't recall sitting down and relaxing at any point! Kitty's teeth seem to have all come through, but the 8 month sleep regression/growth spurt is in full flow so Anna is getting much sleep, and Nicky is still waking up in the night for some reason so neither am I.

The fan in our oven had stopped working, so the oven was very slow to cook anything. I had a go at trying to fix it (after clearing out all the cobwebs and spiders behind it, which took longer than actually trying to fix it), got it working for about ten seconds but it stopped again. I was actually very pleased with myself in those ten seconds, as the fan was powered by an electromagnet, bringing back memories of GCSE Science, but I guess something had worn away which was causing it to stick. The landlord has replaced it now so hopefully the oven will work properly again.

I did pretty well at squash on Wednesday, although I lost to James near the end I think I won overall, despite feeling knackered - as we had two courts but not enough people to warrant it, we ended up playing more games than usual - probably better for me in the long run.

My copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword arrived early (yesterday rather than today), but I probably won't get to actually play it until Sunday at least. Oh well, I've waited the best part of five years for it, another couple of days won't hurt. The reviews have been universally positive so really looking forward to it. For now I'm enjoying the Zelda Symphony CD which came with it.

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