On Saturday Jonathan and I went down to Wells to see our Aunt and Uncle and Granddad. The journey down wasn't too bad, apart from Jonathan's terrible taste in music - thankfully he had 'Driving Rock Anthems' which gave me a break from Glee, Steps and Justin Bieber. We went via Haycombe Cemetery, and armed with the location this time we managed to find the plaque put up in memory of Granny.

Granddad seemed as well as might be expected, and we talked for almost two hours before he started getting tired. He always seems so happy to see us and tells us he feels humble, which is ridiculous really.

The journey back was OK too and we were home by around 7.30ish. Anna and the kids had gone to stay with Anna's parents, so I made the most of the quiet by finally getting to play Zelda. It's a bit slow to start, but I've made to just after the first dungeon and am really enjoying it - who knows when I'll get to play it again though!

I've been feeling a bit unwell since Friday, my stomach seems to complain when I eat anything, and I was almost sick this morning. My body seems to be conspiring against me...

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