Up and down

We've had a really nice few days, the weekend was nice and the kids have been well behaved (and more importantly have slept - mostly!), but last night saw Nicky back to his old tricks, and Anna woke up feeling really unwell. Oh well, at least I had a few nights sleep to fall back on!

Saturday was a really nice day, we went to Barleylands as they were offering cheap tickets on their website. Nicky had a great day, despite mostly ignoring the animals, he got to go on a miniature diesel train, various tractors and the big soft play area that they have there!

Nicky on a tractor
We'll definitely go back at some point, hopefully Kitty will appreciate parts of it more when she's older, although she also liked the soft play. The only downside is that lunch cost us more than the entrance did, but we'll take a picnic next time.

I have played squash the last two weeks, but it's only been me and Will - and last night we had booked a double session, anticipating that some of the others would play, but no, so we ended up playing for over an hour, and we're both paying the price today! Hopefully it will stand me in good stead for next week, I really want to get fit - I had thought about starting jogging but I think instead I'm going to get a bike, following my new-found interest in professional road cycling I definitely feel motivated.

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