Tuesday was Kitty's birthday, it's difficult to believe that she's one already, although having said that the last year has at times felt like it's been really slow and then at other times really fast. Kitty obviously wasn't really aware of why she was getting lots of presents, although her favourite things were a balloon and her card from Nicky:

Her main present from us was a Wheelybug, although she's still a bit small for it and predictably Nicky now wants one!

We took them both (and both grandmothers) to soft play for the day, and it wasn't too hellish, they both had a nice time, Nicky is pretty fearless about going down slides and being up high, not sure if that's good or bad!

Squash on Wednesday was terribly bad - it was the first time we'd had all 6 of us for a long time. I was trying out a different way of holding the racquet - the correct way, apparently - and although I felt an improvement in certain shots it probably led me to losing all 8 games that I played! I'll definitely stick with it though. Another possible cause is that I seem to have got plantar fasciitis in my right foot - haven't had it for a few years which is a bit annoying.

Kitty has two teeth coming through at the top and is also unwell - whether those are linked we're not quite sure, but she's spent the morning throwing up and isn't a happy bunny today.

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