As I wrote before, Kitty has been ill since Friday, she seems to be over the worst of it now but is still quite tired. I know how she feels because I've been the same since Sunday, and I was also quite unwell Saturday morning (although that was self-inflicted after James' stag do on Friday night). I seem to be OK if I sit or lie still, but moving around makes me feel a bit sick.

One of the few benefits of not being able to move around is that I had a decent excuse to sit and watch the Carling Cup Final on Sunday, featuring the worst penalty shoot-out I've seen Liverpool take part in, yet somehow we still won it! It was really unfair on Cardiff but not going to complain too much. It may not be the most glamorous of trophies but a cup is a cup, and it means at the very least we're in Europe next year.

I've got myself re-addicted to playing Grand Prix Story on my phone, just coming up to the end of the first play through...

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