Thankfully the snow just about held off for our trip down to Somerset, although it did snow whilst we were seeing our Granddad it wasn't too bad (despite Jonathan's protestations) and once we got to the A303 it was all clear. We got about half a foot of snow overnight though, which is still hanging around. The next morning we went outside and made this:

Well, Anna and I made it, Nicky helped for about a minute before getting bored!

It's been a big week for sports stories, what with Contador getting banned and then Capello resigning. I'm writing here that I completely disagree that Harry Redknapp will make a good England manager, and once the press have decided he isn't the messiah and stab him in the back, I can say 'I told you so'. I love the way Capello is branded a flop despite statistically having one of the best records as England manager, and his pedigree of titles in Spain and Italy as well as the Champions League, whereas Redknapp has one FA Cup. Of course though, he's English so he's got to be good (that logic worked well with Keegan and McClaren). On the plus side, hopefully the speculation will disrupt Spurs!

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