More illness

I can't remember the last time all 4 people in the house were well, and it seems like that's going to carry on for a while. Nicky has a nasty cough and a temperature at the moment which he has passed on to Anna. Somehow I am OK (apart from a little cough which I've had for at least 3 weeks now), and Kitty seems well.

We went up to my mum's house this weekend, and had some nice weather. We went to a rare breeds farm on Saturday, where Kitty enjoyed looking at the animals and Nicky (as predicted) ignored the animals in favour of the tractors. They had a playground there too, and Nicky stood up for himself against a couple of other children who were blocking his path through a tunnel (afterwards my mum overheard the children complaining to their mother who said they should have slapped him! Such charming parenting).

The other interesting thing from the last week is that I finally stopped dithering and spent some of my inheritance on a bicycle. I've been thinking about it for ages, but what motivated me was that Lidl were selling some cheap cycling gear last Thursday, so I thought it best to get a bike before then to take advantage of their deals. So here it is!

It's a Carrera TDF from Halfords which is pretty much the cheapest road bike you can find, and has reasonable reviews for a budget entry-level bike. I've only had one ride on it so far, which lasted about 8 minutes (1.72 miles) and left me really out of breath for a long time afterwards! A lot more work is needed I think to get me fit! Compared to my last bike, which was a second hand mountain/town bike, the new one is much lighter and much quicker. I've set myself a target that by the time I'm 35 I want to have either entered a race/event of some kind, and/or cycled 100 miles in one go. Easier said than done but I've got 3 and a half years to do it.

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