After ages complaining about the wet weather, now we're going through a hot spell - I can't win really! Although sun is mostly better than rain because I can at least cycle in the mornings/evenings when it's cooler.

Friday was a long day, where Jonathan and I went down to Somerset for our Granddad's funeral. We ended up being very early and spent around an hour and a half looking around Bath, I would have liked to at least look at the old baths etc. but Jonathan was more interested in the Hollister shop! We got to the crematorium in plenty of time, and caught up with relatives that we haven't seen in a long time, as well as meeting some of the old boys from the home that Granddad used to run, who also knew Dad when he was growing up.

The service was different to what I was expecting - I knew it was going to be according to Quaker custom but I didn't really know what that would entail. In the end though I think I much preferred it to a traditional service. Afterwards we went to a hotel down the road which afforded a stunning view of the local countryside. We stayed as long as we could and had the pleasure of meeting several different people who had all known Granddad in various ways.

On Saturday we went down to the local church fayre, where I failed to hit any of the coconuts at the shy! In the afternoon we went down to the seafront for the airshow. It was a bit too hot for our liking, the sun had made everything very crowded and Kitty especially doesn't deal with the heat too well, but we did see some interesting displays, the Blades were good and my favourites were probably the Black Cat helicopters which were doing some amazing flying.

We decided against going down to the airshow again on Sunday as it was still hot, so instead we went to the woods where there was some nice shade, Anna found five geocaches and the rest of us got to stay out of the sun!

Somehow I managed to do a total of 30 miles cycling over the weekend, I'm now at 295 miles on the bike and getting close to an average cost of £1/mile, hopefully I'll get it much lower than that over time. The segments feature on Strava is keeping me extra motivated in choosing routes, although I'm happy just trying to increase my overall speed and distance as it is, having little race sections to try and beat other peoples' times just makes it more like a game which definitely appeals to me!

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