Another penalty shoot-out, another loss, typical England. Although we did well to even make it to the quarter finals, the match against Italy was dire. In typical Hodgson style we set out to defend and not much else, it was reminiscent of watching Liverpool under Hodgson. He'll have his excuses and will ask for more time but it won't get any better.

Anyway, the Tour de France will start at the weekend so who cares about football? Speaking of cycling, I've broken the 500 mile mark now, and last week did a 30 mile ride and a 20 mile ride. Both times I went slightly hillier routes which were much harder, but something I need to work on - on flat sections my Strava times are respectable but on hills they're pretty poor.

Not much else I can think of to write about at the moment...

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A father of three and husband of one. I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active (especially cycling, running and capoeira) and playing video games. I also enjoy reading and watching films.

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