Rhod Gilbert at the Cliffs Pavilion

Last night Anna and I went to see Rhod Gilbert - The Man With The Flaming Battenburg Tattoo. Expectations were high after seeing The Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst, and we were hoping that it'd be better than when we saw Dave Gorman and Paul Merton at the same venue. Thankfully, it was.

As expected, Rhod was his usual angry self, despite claims to have mellowed out a bit following anger management (which is what the show is mostly about). The show started with Rhod's glamorous introduction to Essex by a man in a dressing gown, and there were memorable rants about potato packaging in Tesco, advertising in toilets (and what constitutes the back of a door), expensive toothbrushes and inept builders. Unfortunately, due to the bit at the beginning about the man in the dressing gown, the show overran a bit and it didn't finish until 11.10, by which time we were pretty shattered! The bit about the travelling chef also went on a little bit too long, but overall I really enjoyed the show, and was in tears several times. It wasn't quite as good as The Cat With Nicholas Lyndhurst but it would have been difficult to top that.

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