Struggling to think of a synonym for tired that I've not previously used

We've just had a terrible, sleep-deprived weekend. For one reason or another, I didn't sleep well from Wednesday through to Sunday, and as a result I've spent the weekend as a bit of a zombie, and the same goes for Anna as well. Kitty is teething (her lower canines are coming through) which explains her lack of sleep, as for Nicky, well, he's just carrying on being Nicky, although to be fair he was being disturbed by Kitty too.

For Father's Day I got two lovely handmade cards, two bars of Green & Blacks and a big Toblerone, mmmm. They won't last long in my greedy hands!

Haven't really been up to much recently. I didn't even have the energy to go out on the bike yesterday despite it being the best weather we've had for a while. I'm up to 442 miles now, still waiting for an opportunity to break the 30 mile barrier but I've been really busy with work recently so it will have to wait.

I've watched some of the football, but haven't been glued to it like previous tournaments, I've even needed reminding on occasion of when England are playing! I think we've been really lucky so far, we didn't deserve to beat Sweden although Walcott was an inspired sub by Hodgson. I'm sure Hodgson will get found out sooner or later. Only two weeks until Le Tour starts, then after that there will be the Olympics, in my pre-parent days I'd have been glued to the TV all summer!

We've got cheap tickets to see Suede at the Hop Farm Festival in a couple of weeks, Anna has always wanted to see Suede, and the tickets were free (plus a small admin fee) so I got them for her, it'll be nice to go to a festival this year even if it won't quite live up to Glastonbury!

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