Rain, rain, go away

I'm really bored of the rain, not only because it stops me cycling, but it also affected our holiday last weekend. We went to Kelling Heath again, and were slightly worried by the flood warnings in place for a lot of the country, but as we got there the sun came out and I was able to get the awning up without getting soaked!

However, the rain came back later that evening, and was ever-present throughout the weekend, although we tried not to let it affect us too much. We went into Sheringham on Saturday on the steam train (complete with special wooden carriages), and saw lots of morris dancers - they were having the Lobster Potty Festival that weekend. We managed to have a picnic on the beach despite the rain, and just about avoided getting soaked!

Other than that we spent our time on the Kelling Heath site, doing a scavenger hunt, trying (and failing) to find a geocache and we also went to the playground. Nicky was able to play on a few more bits this year so he enjoyed it, and Kitty was happy just walking around.

Miraculously the rain stayed away Monday morning as well so I got the awning down without getting wet! I'm still not entirely comfortable towing the caravan but I got it back in one piece.

Not done much since getting back. I have managed somehow to go out on the bike twice, and have broken 600 miles. I've been doing OK on various Strava segments but still need to work on my overall strength and fitness.

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