On Sunday we decided to go into London so that the kids could experience some of the Olympic atmosphere. We had got tickets to guarantee us entry into Hyde Park for BT London Live, but we decided to head for the Eye first, as the womens marathon was taking place across the river so we thought we'd try and see it from the Eye.

As we arrived at Waterloo, the heavens opened and we got drenched (the kids had their raincoats on but Anna and I didn't) so we dashed to the Eye. The queue was quite short which was surprising, and we got on relatively quickly. We could see a bit of the marathon:

I'd never been on the Eye before and thought it was pretty interesting just how much of London you could see, you could even see the Wembley arch in the distance. We could also see the beach volleyball arena that had been set up in Horse Guards Parade.

Nicky wasn't quite so enamoured though, despite being able to see Big Ben he soon lost interest apart from when trains came in and out of Charing Cross station! I'm sure he'll appreciate it more when he's older.

When we got down we headed for Hyde Park, only to find that our tickets were absolutely useless as the stewards didn't recognise them - there were plenty of others with the same tickets joining the queues with non-ticket holders.

Despite raining as we got there it soon cleared up, and we watched a few sports on the big screens - we saw some of the showjumping on one screen, then went round to the kids area where they had face painting and some art and crafts - which kept the kids occupied so we could watch the tennis! We couldn't believe just how well Andy Murray played, if only he had done the same a month earlier. Oh well, I'm sure he won't be too unhappy with his two medals!

After a few hours we headed to Westminster via double decker bus so that Nicky could see Big Ben a bit closer. We sat in Parliament Square for a little while waiting for the bongs. They have a structure with lots of flags there.

After the clock struck six we headed home. Despite all the worries about it being busy, we found the Tube was fine and had no problems getting around. I wish we had tickets for some of the athletics, but we do have some for the mountain biking on Saturday.

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