So, the Olympics have been going for a week now, and so far it seems to have mostly been good. Despite my initial cynicism I really enjoyed the opening ceremony, and apart from the massive disappointment of the mens road race on Saturday things have been going well. I can only assume Bradley Wiggins will now be knighted after his efforts over the last month! Fingers crossed that we get a few more golds.

As for my own sporting prowess, I've been out on the bike a couple of times but I don't think I've quite recovered from my illness last week, and suffered a bit! As for squash, well, it was my worst night ever, I lost every game and wasn't really at the races.

We went swimming this morning, and Nicky has finally seemed to grasp the concept of kicking his legs to swim, maybe watching the Olympics has helped? Kitty seems to have taken to the water though and was happily kicking away. There was a bit of a distraction in the pool too because Team GB's diving team were practising in the diving pool, and there was quite a crowd watching Tom Daley. I have to say that it looks much more impressive in person than it does on TV - I supposed on TV it's quite easy to dismiss it but when you see them spinning through the air in front of you all you can do is think 'wow'!

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