Post-holiday blues

Surprisingly it's Nicky that seems to be complaining the most about coming home from holiday - he obviously had a really good time to still be complaining about it! Unfortunately it's meant some silly behaviour, not sure if it's down to coming back from holiday or just the usual threenage tantrum.

It feels like it's been a long week since I last updated here. Saturday night especially was bad as Kitty was up for a lot of the night, which also disturbed Nicky, which meant yesterday was quite stressful - not had a night that bad in a long time, although it was a reminder of just how bad nights used to be when Nicky was younger - every night used to be like that!

I seem to still be shrinking so bought some more new clothes yesterday - I'm now wearing jeans with a 32" waist which I haven't done since before I went to univeristy! I'm also just about on the border between an S or an M, but S is too small so sticking with M. I'm still very happy with this though :-)

Managed to go out on the bike three times last week, getting close to 1000 miles since I bought it. I even found some time to complete Zelda on the Wii, which has taken me 10 months (I hadn't played it since April!)

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