I've had sore knees since Friday - I think it's cycling related, as I made my saddle slightly higher on Wednesday and did a reasonably hilly (for me) route, which I think has strained something. I'll wait until the soreness goes before getting on my bike, but this is very frustrating as I want to go for a ride regardless! Instead I went swimming this morning, it's the first time I've been for an actual swim (as opposed to just keeping an eye on Nicky) for several years. I managed 40 lengths in 28 minutes which is the same time I managed when I was swimming three or four times a week at uni, so I thought I'd done quite well, but my arms were very tired afterwards! I think I'll definitely swim a bit more over the winter as I assume the weather will stop my cycling quite so often.

The main news from the weekend is that we got Glastonbury tickets! No thanks to Seetickets, as per usual their website couldn't deal with the strain, although I should be grateful that their DNS screwup meant I could get through to the alternate server (thanks to eFestivals!) We're still not 100% certain that we're going, as we'll presumably have a 5 month old baby along with two other children to cope with, but we'll find a way I'm sure!

Not much else going on other than that...

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