Long month

This month has been pretty stressful - even without all the Christmas preparations, Kitty and I had the norovirus, and then everyone except me got a nasty cold from which they're only just recovering... So things have been pretty hectic!

As well as that, I've been decorating the bedroom in preparation for child3 - I've been stripping wallpaper, painting and putting together the world's biggest wardrobe, from which my arms are still aching!

All the presents are wrapped thankfully, just got to tidy up a bit.

Anna took Nicky into London yesterday to see the Sooty stage show which he loved, as well as going on a double decker bus to see the sights, which apparently he'd have been happy to do all day! Kitty is still a bit young to sit still that long, so instead we went to Waitrose which was absolutely mental, they opened the doors an hour before the tills opened so they had an hour's worth of customers waiting to pay by the time I got there - it was gridlocked with all the trolleys! Never going this close to Christmas again!

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