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Ride 100

So it's been a while since I wrote anything, most of my life at the moment has revolved around Rory and Anna, but there has been some other news - I got a place in the ballot for the Ride London-Surrey 100 mile ride :-) I entered the ballot not really expecting to get a place, so it was a pleasant surprise when I opened the acceptance magazine. Of course, the timing isn't great what with Rory's arrival, but Anna has said I should do it as I'll kick myself if I turn it down, so I've started training a bit more seriously with a view to being able to do 100 miles by August. Of course, it's not just the distance but the hills - the ride goes over Box Hill and Leith Hill, which will be pretty knackering! But it'll be amazing to ride through London from the Olympic Park, and finish on The Mall. I can't wait!

I've not yet thought of a charity to support - I am also planning to do the London-Southend ride which is 52 miles, and supports the British Heart Fo…

Rory Michael Ingram

Rory was born on 1st February at 3.14pm, weighing 8lb 12oz. Rory was born at home as planned - we ended up with three midwives in attendance (one was a student) so Anna and Rory probably got more attention than they would have in hospital! The labour was a bit longer than with the other two, lasting just under 10 hours, but everything went mostly to plan!

Rory looks pretty much the same as the other two did when they were that age - going to make for some confusing baby photos!

As you might imagine, life at the moment is pretty hectic, with Rory up every few hours in the night and Nicky and Kitty starved of attention, poor things. We're slowly getting back to normal though.