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I don't get much free time at the moment, and what I do get I try and go out cycling, so haven't written here for a while. Everything with Rory is going well, he's already over 11lbs and has nearly reached the 90th centile for weight, even more quickly than Nicky did. Unfortunately he's taken to being a bit grizzly from 3am onwards, and for the past week I've been up around 5am with him so Anna can get some sleep. Whilst this does mean I'm pretty knackered, I've had a chance to catch up with some films which have been on the TiVo for a while - I've watched The A-Team (absolutely perfect for watching when half-asleep) and Four Lions (very funny). However Rory doesn't sleep during this time, so I can't switch the Xbox on as I have to keep hold of him.

I can see much more of myself in Rory than I could with the other two at this stage, sometimes he pulls faces which really remind me of my dad, other times he looks like my mother-in-law. When I get a moment I'll sort out some photos to upload.

My training for the Ride London-Surrey 100 is going OK - I've managed a 50 mile ride and a 62 mile ride (100km) in the past few weeks - I'm pretty sure I could manage the 100 mile ride now within the 9 hour time limit, but I want to do it in 6 hours - and Box Hill and Leith Hill will cause me more trouble than any of the hills around here, so need some more climbing practice! Still, it's coming up to nearly a year since I bought my bike and I've now clocked up over 1900 miles - 9% of a trip around the world according to Endomondo!

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