Still tired

Yes, sleep is still at a premium, but at least next week I'll have a chance to rest, as Anna is going for a break with her mum and the kids, so I'll get at least four decent nights sleep!

Last week was pretty hectic, what with the trip to London on Thursday, as I had to fit five days work into four - in the end I did a bit at the weekend and caught up OK. The trip to London was pretty good, with minimal stress in the end - would have been nicer without the wind and snow but can't complain too much! First of all we went on the cable car, or Emirates Air Line as they want to call it. It was pretty good, the view would have nicer on a clear day but we could still see a lot of London.

View of The O2 from the cable car

We went for lunch in Frankie & Benny's in The O2 which was good. There were lots of people already there for the One Direction gig that night, weirdly (I assume the gigs are seated so what's the point of arriving so early?) After lunch we got the bus to Covent Garden and went to the Transport Museum. Unfortunately due to it being the holidays and miserable outside the museum was pretty busy, but Nicky got to see buses and trains so was happy enough!

Afterwards we had a quick bite to eat and got the bus back to Fenchurch Street, we avoided the rush hour thankfully but I had to stand due to some thoughtless people sitting in the wheelchair/pushchair seats despite not having a wheelchair or pushchair - the train had so many other empty seats that it was just plain ignorance. Despite glaring at the people sat there they didn't seem to take the hint!

This week has been pretty long and tedious, especially since Thatcher died. Every day the news is the same - she's still dead! People who liked her before she died still like her! People who hated her before she died still hate her! I do find the idea of Ding Dong The Witch is Dead possibly being number one quite amusing though.

Cycling is going OK, I managed 62 miles/100km again on Sunday but was shattered by the end - definitely the lack of sleep catching up with me. I'm thinking of entering a sportive next month as practice for the August ride, that'd be 96 miles.

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