Glastonbury 2013

It's been a week and a half since we left Glastonbury, and I'm still exhausted (mostly thanks to Rory waking up every day at 5.30), but the tiredness was worth it. Apart from one afternoon (the Thursday) the whole weekend was dry and sunny.

We arrived at around 12.30am Wednesday morning, and got the caravan and awning set up without too many problems - we were able to just drive straight in and get everything done, unlike last time where we spent ages having to manoeuvre everything into place. We waited until around 10.30am before trying to get in, anticipating a big queue, but we practically walked straight to the gates with no problems!

Glastonbury with kids is a different experience, but still enjoyable, just in a different way - no long drinking sessions (although I'm not really capable of those any more anyway!) The kids enjoyed themselves in both kids fields, Nicky especially enjoyed the helter skelter and seeing Rhyme Rocket. The food as ever was brilliant, La Grande Bouffe, the Growler, the Goan Fish Curry - I only had one bad meal all weekend and that was because I was in a rush at the end on Sunday.

We got to see a lot of things around site that we might otherwise not due to rushing around seeing bands - circus acts, a man juggling knives whilst balancing on top of a ladder, trapeze acts, a solar powered cinema inside a caravan with room for 8! We still managed to see a few bands though.

Mik Artistik

I think I saw Mik Artistik five times over the course of the weekend. The first time was Thursday evening, we were just wandering around the Green fields when we stumbled upon him in the Fluffy Rock Cafe. We got to see around half a set which was as good as always.

We saw him do a full set at the Sensation Seekers stage on Friday, and came away with a tea towel and a DVD! The kids were with us this time, and they were amused to find out that I hadn't just made up 'The Lights Are On'!

The third time was at the Gateway Riser, we only stopped for a couple of songs as the kids were a bit tired by this point but Mik did include them in the song he was singing and even asked Nicky to give him a thumbs up (which he eventually did!)

The Hives

I've never seen the Other Stage so packed at 1pm, although presumably there were a lot of people hanging around after Beady Eye's 'secret' slot (zzzzz). The Hives were great, with Howlin' Pelle Almqvist staying just the right side of mad over-enthusiastic foreigner. They shouldn't have taken his ladder away!

Jake Bugg

This was one of Nicky's must-sees this year, and he enjoyed it - he spent most of the set on my shoulders singing along.

Seasick Steve

This was at West Holts, and we stayed quite far back due to the bike trailer, but it was OK. I've seen Seasick Steve four times now I think, the first time was definitely the best as we had no idea what to expect, but it was still good.

Elvis Costello

We set up camp near the back of the Pyramid Stage on Saturday afternoon in preparation for the Stones. Elvis Costello was pretty good, although by this point the kids were getting a little restless so we took it in turns to take them for walks.

Primal Scream

I was pleasantly surprised by Primal Scream - I'd heard about meltdowns in previous years so wasn't expecting much, but they were really good, and Bobby Gillespie seemed to be enjoying it.

The Rolling Stones

By this point I'd hit just the right level of alcohol intake to be really hyped (one cider and one hot spiced cider from the cider bus is all it takes these days). Thankfully the Stones did not disappoint, playing all the hits, there was a slight lull in the middle but then the bird atop the Pyramid came alive for Sympathy for the Devil! After being so disappointed by Paul McCartney in 2004 I had expected similar here, but thankfully the Stones proved me wrong and were my highlight of the festival.

Rufus Wainwright

I was on parent duty really as Anna and Ron are big Rufus fans - I'm not that fussed, but it was pleasant enough. I found it amusing that someone walking past near the end wasn't sure if Rufus was gay or not!

Public Image Ltd.

I knew nothing about PiL other than John Lydon was the singer (and listening to two songs on the way down to Glastonbury). Lydon seemed to be having a good time though, and the set was reasonably enjoyable.

Of Monsters and Men

This was Nicky's other must-see, and as Kitty was starting to get a bit tired only Nicky and I stayed to watch them. He stayed on my shoulders again for most of the set and really enjoyed it - this was also one of my highlights of the festival, just to be with Nicky enjoying himself.

Smashing Pumpkins

The first half was a bit meh - the cover of Space Oddity was fairly painful it has to be said - but things picked up in the second half and it was much better once they started playing songs the crowd knew - 'Today', 'Tonight, Tonight' and 'Zero' being the highlights.

Overall this rates as one of my better Glastonbury experiences (not that there have been any bad ones, other than the 12 hour car park wait one year!) I've been eight times now and still find new things to see and do. Hopefully we'll get tickets for next year!

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