Very tired

I've probably been more tired but it's hard to quantify just how tired I am at present. The heat isn't helping as that has been interrupting the kids' sleeping patterns, and hence ours. We've had two really bad nights in a row and I'm almost at the point of using matches to keep my eyes open. On top of that our internet stopped working this morning, so we had to come to Anna's parents' house so I could work.

We had some rain overnight but it's still really warm and humid, I just wish we could have one massive storm to clear the air and then the sun can come back! We did have two cooler days over the weekend, especially Sunday morning when I went out for my last big ride before the RideLondon-Surrey 100 - I did 50 miles, half of which was going against all of the cyclists doing London-Southend (which I'd forgotten about). When I first got a bike, London-Southend was my main target for this year as I thought doing 50 miles would be a challenge - it's strange how much further I've progressed with the target of doing RideLondon. Maybe by next year I'll be doing Alpe d'Huez? (In my dreams, perhaps).

Speaking of Alpe d'Huez, I'm feeling slightly bereft this week without the Tour de France to watch. I was gutted that Mark Cavendish didn't win on Sunday, but at least we finally got to see a proper sprint between Cav, Greipel and Kittel - shame we didn't see more of them. It'll be a long few weeks until the Vuelta now!

Apparently someone gave birth in London yesterday - you wouldn't know it from the media frenzy(!) I'm mildly interested as he will be a future monarch, but a simple 'congratulations' would suffice - leave them in peace now! I do wonder what people gathering outside the hospital or the palace hope to achieve - at best they'll catch a slight glimpse of a baby. It is slightly sobering to consider that in all probability I won't be alive when the young prince is crowned king.

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