Not quite right

I seem to be even more tired than usual lately, which I don't think can be solely attributed to lack of sleep. I just feel weak and lethargic, and my stomach hasn't been feeling too good either. I hope it passes soon as I'd like to have some energy back!

I went out on Saturday for Adam's stag do in Rayleigh. The plan was to do a pub crawl from the Weir to the Brush, just like in the old days. I was slightly worried about my staying power - the most I'd had in any one day this year was two or three drinks, but I managed to pace myself reasonably well and got to the end of the night. Sadly they wouldn't let us in the Brush as we were a stag do, they offered to let us in if we surrendered our IDs but some people weren't happy with this so we went elsewhere. I can understand their concerns but they must have been desperate for punters, the place looked really quiet. I haven't been to the Brush since I got thrown out on my 30th birthday for throwing up, and I can't really see myself ever going back now.

Sunday was pretty stressful, as the car broke down whilst driving Anna and the kids back home. Somehow a pipe into the water tank had come loose, meaning the car was completely out of water and the engine overheated. Fixing the pipe back and filling the car back up seems to have worked - the car runs ok, and the garage couldn't see any leaks yesterday. I'll just have to keep an eye on it - I don't really want to have to fork out to have the car fixed!

I've entered the ballot for the RideLondon-Surrey 100 next year - they've had 50,000 entries in a day and a half, and they'll stop at 80,000 - there's around 20,000 places available so I guess I have a 25% chance? I wonder if having done it this year will count against me. I might check out some other sportives for next year in the likely event that I don't get a place.

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