We didn't get Glastonbury tickets yesterday. Despite having four devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) trying to get through, I didn't have any joy. We'll try again in the resales but it doesn't look like we'll be going next year. I suppose we have been pretty lucky, this is the first time in 9 attempts that I've not got tickets.

The website though was an absolute joke. It is astounding that See Tickets continue to get the job of selling tickets, as every year there has been a problem. Michael Eavis has obviously never actually been to the website during the ticket sale, either that or he doesn't care as he's getting his tickets sold anyway. Then See had the gall to post the following on Twitter:
Perhaps if they hired some IT consultants they wouldn't have any problems! Or even invested in some hardware capable of dealing with the traffic. It's not difficult - they know when the sale is going to be, yet still have problems - maybe some testing is in order?

Apart from the lack of Glastonbury tickets and See Tickets' continued incompetence, not much is going on at the moment - just the usual lack of sleep, which is starting to get really boring - Rory is still not sleeping well and I'm utterly fed up with being up before 5 every day.

We're planning a day to remember Barry on Saturday - there will be so many stories to tell.

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