Lack of sleep

I realise the majority of my posts since I started this blog have related to my lack of sleep, but things have been ridiculous over the last couple of weeks. Rory has gone from being a reasonable sleeper to being worse than Nicky ever was - up every couple of hours and then up for the day at around 4am. I've done most of these early shifts, so both Anna and I are absolutely shattered by it - we think it's teeth plus developmental (Rory is starting to walk holding on to the furniture and his walker) - I just really hope it stops soon!

As well as the lack of sleep, I'm also knackered from cycling - obviously this is self-inflicted but the endorphin rush does somewhat compensate for the lack of sleep. My legs are pretty stiff today though - I did 8 hill repeats last Thursday and am still paying the price I think!

Nicky's still enjoying school and seems to be making friends easily, he comes home telling us a different name each day. We took him to see the Vulcan at Southend Airport on Sunday, he's been obsessed by the Vulcan since he saw a different one flying at the Clacton Airshow. I took him up into the cockpit and he seemed genuinely interested by it all.

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