Head lice

Rory's sleep seemed to get even worse over the weekend - yesterday I was up at 3.30am and although I got another half hour at about 5am I felt dreadful throughout the day. Today, getting up at 5am almost seems like a lie-in (although I'm still knackered!)

We were all planning to go down to the seafront on Saturday night to see the fireworks, but Kitty fell ill on Saturday afternoon (in typical Kitty fashion, it came on suddenly, she was sick and then seemed better almost immediately, but she fell asleep before we were going out) so just Nicky and I went. He really enjoyed the fireworks, and afterwards we went on a few rides - he likes the rollercoasters and I also took him in the twin-seater go karts - mine was ridiculously underpowered but Nicky still liked it.

Afterwards, on the way back to the car, I bought a portion of chips but was so tired that I ended up covering them in sugar rather than salt - an interesting culinary experience but one I don't think I'll repeat!

On Sunday we discovered that Nicky had head lice, and had very thoughtfully passed it on to Kitty, Anna and I. One bottle of shampoo costs £13! I had to get two as Anna's hair is long and you need to repeat the dose 7 days after. I'm now constantly scratching my head and worrying that they're still there.

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