Today is probably the most rested I've been in a long time, as I went to bed last night at about 7.30pm and have spent practically the whole day here (although I have been working for some of that time). I do have a good excuse, as I had minor surgery yesterday - a vasectomy, and although at the time it didn't hurt (it was done under local anaesthetic), it's starting to ache quite a bit now.

I was dozed up on diazepam beforehand, which I found was a bit like being drunk, just without all the good bits. It took about thirty minutes altogether, and from then on I've been on antibiotics and co-codamol for the pain. Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of last night feeling in quite a lot of pain, staggered to the bathroom to take some painkillers, only to pass out - I came to quite quickly afterwards but I was lucky I hadn't hit the toilet or sink on the way down. It was very confusing coming round with Anna asking if I was alright, I don't think I have seen the bathroom from that angle before!

Tuesday was our first parents evening, where Nicky's teacher told us all about how he had been getting on. Each child has a scrapbook, and we looked through Nicky's while we waited - there are pictures and comments about what he has been able to do, a lot more than we had in my day! I'd love to know what black magic they perform to get him to look at the camera whilst a picture is taken! Nicky is doing really well, his teacher said that when she asked a question and no-one put their hand up she could always rely on Nicky, she said he was a little star! Long may it continue.

Anna and I went to see Adam Hills on Sunday, which was really good - he's just so upbeat and happy and although the show didn't have any piss-yourself-laughing moments it was consistently entertaining throughout, we'd definitely go and see him again. The poor bloke in the front row who looked like the Swedish chef is never going to live it down!

We have tickets to see the Manics in April at Brixton Academy (I don't care who sponsors it, I will continue to call it that), yay!

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