16 days to go

I've still got a few presents left to get - the main ones are all done, but still a few that might need a last-minute panic buy to sort out! I took Nicky into town yesterday and went to a few shops to get some bits for people - he was really good, he doesn't like shopping but managed to hold out until the end. I even bought a Christmas album to try and get into the mood (I'm playing up to my reputation as a bit of a Scrooge but am trying to make an effort for the kids!) I still haven't heard Noddy Holder say it's Christmas so it isn't yet :-)

Anna and I spent all of Saturday cleaning the dining room, kitchen and some of the living room. Despite working solidly for 8 hours (with just Rory at home, the other two were being looked after by Anna's mum) the house didn't look that different, but it is a lot cleaner now and we'll try to keep it that way! We might even get the decorations put up this weekend.

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