Guess what

Yes, another blog entry about how little sleep I'm getting. Waking up for the day at 4 or 5 in the morning is getting quite tedious now.

It was Kitty's birthday last week so we went to Old MacDonalds Farm for the day. I think it might be better advertised as a theme park with animals, as there aren't a massive amount of animals, and due to the cold most of them were hiding away, but the kids enjoyed all the rides, soft play, etc.

We went to Nicky's parents evening a couple of weeks ago and everything is good, he's doing brilliantly at reading and they are struggling to find suitable books at the higher levels for him to read! He seems to be getting on really well and his teacher had nothing but good things to say.

I've signed up for London-Southend now, and am still planning on cycling to the start. However, I did my first half century for 4 months earlier this week, a 56 mile ride, which was much harder than I'd expected - I need a lot more training! Looking forward to warmer weather so I can switch to my carbon bike - I've upgraded a few components and need to adjust it a bit, but it'll be like a brand new bike after riding my winter bike for so long!

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