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Last week was pretty tough - for one reason or another none of us got much sleep, and I was really busy with work so only got out for one bike ride, so was pretty stressed! This week seems to have started a bit better though.

I had to go to the dentist again last week as I was still feeling some pain; however, an X-ray showed there is no damage to the tooth that seemed to be hurting and the pain was most likely an irritation of the gum, so I've just got to look after things for a while and hope it settles.

I didn't get a place in the RideLondon 100 ballot :-( I know I was lucky to get to do it last year and there will be other years I'm sure. To make up for it I've signed up for the Wiggle Essex Explorer 100, which takes in part of the route for this year's 3rd stage of the Tour de France. I'm also considering doing London-Southend, which is run by BHF, so I could raise money for Barry - but I'd probably end up cycling to the start as well to double the 52 mile distance and make it a bit more challenging!

It was Rory's 1st birthday on 1st February, which he was mostly oblivious about, but we took the kids to soft play to celebrate and Rory seemed to enjoy himself playing with the balls in the ball pool. The last year has gone very quickly, and it's strange to think that Nicky is almost 5!

As usual, all I have to talk about is cycling, lack of sleep and the kids!

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