Manic Street Preachers - Brixton Academy 11/4/14

It had been a long wait to see the Manics again - we had missed the last tour, and hadn't seen them since the O2 gig in 2011, and despite various struggles we managed to get to Brixton just in time to buy a pint and get near the front!

We completely missed Scritti Politti, but as I don't know a single thing about them it was not a great loss (and I can't remember the last time I actually liked a support act anyway). We were on the Nicky side (of course) and got pretty close (the picture below was taken at the start, we managed to get to about five rows back).

Unfortunately, we were a bit removed from the people jumping up and down and those who seemed to actually know the songs or indeed the band that was on the stage - there were two blokes in front of us, neither of which seemed to know any of the songs and just stood there motionless, occasionally taking pictures. I can understand casual fans being there, but five rows from the front?

Despite this, the gig itself was great - the new songs sound promising, especially Let's Go to War, and I think that may be the first time I've seen Die in the Summertime - I saw Archives of Pain at Reading 2001. Just a few more and I'll have the full Holy Bible set. Hopefully they will actually do a full Holy Bible gig, as suggested by Nicky on stage at one point!

I could have left happy after three songs as I hadn't been expecting No Surface All Feeling at all, from looking at previous setlists from this tour - it's one of my top 5 Manics songs. Stay Beautiful was also much appreciated! From Despair to Where was brilliant as an acoustic song. I could really have done without seeing Everything Must Go again, I know it's one of their biggest hits but they could use the time to play something better or more interesting. The full setlist can be seen at

Here's a few pictures (which have been auto-'awesomed' by Google):

I was exhausted and slightly deaf the next day, but it was well worth it! I think that was Manics gig number 16 or 17 for me, and I think 33 for Anna - roll on the Futurology tour!

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