Another one of those weeks

It'd be lovely to have a week where the entire family is healthy and have slept properly, so we wouldn't all be cranky and irritable. Needless to say, this week was not one of those weeks. Rory had spent most of last week being irritable for no apparent reason, but he's settled down a bit now. Sleep is still at a premium however though, and with the clocks going back tonight it does not bode for a good day tomorrow!

My knees have been feeling a little bit sore recently so I've only been out for a proper bike ride once this week, although I did go out yesterday with Nicky on my cheap mountain bike-shaped object, and did nearly 3 miles exploring the local area. He's getting really confident now and has discovered the joy of cycling fast downhill!

I chased up the hospital regarding my Ajmaline test and surprise, surprise, the doctor that I saw hadn't referred me for the test. Thankfully I still have the phone number for somebody competent and got referred to the person who actually does the test, so hopefully should get it by the start of December. Lots of waiting around, but I suppose it means they're not too concerned about it?

I got a FitBit Flex from my brother for my birthday, and I'm in two minds whether to actually use it or sell it. I don't really need the motivation to exercise, and it doesn't really track cycling, so whilst I want to fiddle around with it and play I might just stick it on eBay (with his blessing) and buy something else gadgety for me to play with - maybe a camera for the bike?

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