My hospital appointment didn't go as I'd hoped - I'd been hoping for the all-clear, but the consultant told me that my ECG trace shows characteristics of Brugada syndrome. I have to go back for an ajmaline test and then attend another clinic. Hopefully this will be sooner rather than later as the uncertainty is very stressful! It may well be that the ECG abnormality is just normal for me and there is nothing to worry about.

On top of that, my car suddenly died on Saturday and wouldn't start - the breakdown man assured me that the battery and alternator were fine and it just looked like something had suddenly drained the battery, such as a light left on overnight. However, this has been proved inaccurate - Anna's dad has replaced the battery and taken the old one to be tested, where it was found to be completely knackered with a broken plate inside. So I paid £50 for a jump start and crap advice - at least I can reclaim it!

Additionally, Rory has not been sleeping well, but last night was an improvement which will hopefully continue! Nicky's also had head lice again, it's going around his class and again it seems that some parents are less conscientious in getting rid of them than others.

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