Counting down

I've finally got a date for my test, the 'ajmaline challenge' - next Thursday (13th). I'm glad that it's sooner than I'd expected, but slightly nervous too regarding the repercussions whether I'm positive for Brugada syndrome or not. I guess there isn't much I can do other than see it through and deal with it afterwards.

It would be nice to go fast on the bike again - I've been limiting my efforts until I get some kind of confirmation, on the advice of the cardiologist, so have been keeping my heart rate around 80% of max heart rate, which means sticking to flat routes. I miss being able to sprint or go harder up hills!

I did complete the cycle path ride with Nicky last week, we did just under 6 miles altogether! Next year I'm thinking of drawing a chart for him where he can colour in a square for every mile and see how long it takes him to get to 100. The childrens bikeathon next year won't be a challenge for him now, that's only one mile!

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