Let's get quizzical

It's been a hard couple of weeks, there has been at least one person ill at any time (currently it's me) so sleep has been at a premium. I can't remember when everybody was well!

Last Friday Nicky's school had a quiz night, so Anna and I entered as a team (called Don't Panic). We had planned to go with Jonathan and his girlfriend but they were unable to come, and initially we thought we'd struggle as we were the only two and most of the other teams had 5 or 6, and there was a team of 7 teachers! We did really badly on the first round (but so did everyone), but we got better after each successive round and by halfway we had a clear lead (albeit having played our joker). The logos round though was where we won it, or more accurately Anna won it, we got 45/50 correct! By the end of the tenth round we had 106 points, whilst the next best team had 92.5 points! We were pleased to win but also a little bit embarrassed. The prize was six bottles of wine from Waitrose, not bad for a night out!

Yesterday we went to the zoo as it was Rory's second birthday. It was yesterday that I started feeling unwell, but thankfully I managed to get through the day OK. The zoo was relatively quiet due to it being VERY COLD, which meant we didn't have to rush around to see everything. The kids also got to feed the giraffes and elephant. Rory's favourites were the penguins!

Had my hair cut today, so I no longer look quite so scruffy. Definitely getting old though as I was asked if my eyebrows needed trimming!

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