Another cold

The last couple of weeks have been horrible, health-wise. Last Monday I managed to do my back in after sneezing, of all things - something went in my back immediately after I sneezed and I couldn't move without intense pain for a couple of days! Then we had a really bad night last Thursday night, and I spent Friday walking around the Natural History Museum wanting to fall asleep! I then got a nasty cold on the Saturday and it's only just now starting to shift.

We went to the Natural History Museum as it was a teacher training day at the kids' school so we thought it would be a bit quieter. It was still a little busy what with school trips and the like, but not too bad. Last time Anna and I went (a long time ago now!) you had to queue to get into the dinosaur exhibit, but we were able to walk straight through this time. It's all pretty interesting, but of course the kids were more interested in touching anything and everything they could, especially if it had lights or buttons on it!

Dippy the Diplodocus

Tomorrow night Anna and I are off to see the one and only Mik Artistik in London - it's our first night away without the kids for over six and a half years!

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