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It's been pretty windy this weekend - one of the fence panels in the back garden needs sorting out but will get round to sorting it out once the wind has died down! I'm sure we didn't have bad weather so frequently when I was younger. But of course it's definitely not down to climate change(!)

Went to see Derren Brown recently as a belated birthday present which I really enjoyed. It's just so clever and whilst some of the things he does you can understand how they might be possible it's just so amazing when they come off! He did ask not to talk about the show itself so I won't, but it's definitely worth seeing.

Still not heard anything from the hospital so might chase them up tomorrow just to make sure I am actually on the waiting list.

More waiting

I saw the consultant at the hospital a couple of weeks ago who essentially confirmed what the GP had already told me. So I'm on the waiting list for surgery which I'm not holding my breath for as the hospital is on black alert.I'm desperate to start cycling again but don't want to risk making the hernia worse. I've bought a new pair of hernia support pants which might help but haven't had a chance to try them on the bike. How exciting my life is, ordering hernia pants online!Feeling pretty fed up now, I've put on a stone - might try swimming if I can find the time. But there's always something else that needs to be done...