I took Anna to London a couple of weeks ago as a belated birthday present - I had tickets to see Macbeth at the Globe Theatre. Anna had wanted to see a play there ever since the theatre was rebuilt so it was a good present! We headed up early and had lunch at the Swan Restaurant next to the Globe - it was very nice in there and the food was lovely and reasonably priced. I did feel a little underdressed in just black jeans and a t-shirt, but it was boiling hot and I really didn't want to wear anything smarter when I knew I'd be standing in the Globe for three hours!

Yes, standing - we had groundling tickets. I'd done a fair amount of research before booking and found that you get the best view standing (no pillars in the way) and the seats were uncomfortable anyway. Groundling tickets are only £5 so superb value. Here is a panorama showing the view from inside (you can only take photos whilst the stage is clear). This was our view in the first half, right at the front.

The play was brilliant - I studied Macbeth at school and parts of it came back to me throughout. It was uncomfortably warm, I can't imagine how the actors must have felt up on stage! The porter scene seems to divide critics but I thought it added some much needed comic relief to proceedings, and there were a few other such interjections throughout. Standing for three hours wasn't a problem - I've stood much longer at gigs and festivals, and I'm healing pretty well from surgery.

Afterwards we spent a little while looking around the Tate Modern, and then had dinner at Cheeky Chicos - the food was good but the place was quiet, I guess it's busier during the week. We then revisited a few Sam Smiths pubs with the aim of updating my website, but I never cope well drinking in heat so we only managed four before heading back. Overall it was a lovely day, the child-free time was much appreciated!

The kids are back at school now, Nicky is in junior school and has a new class to settle into. It's hard to believe it's his fourth year at school already! I've also been back on the bike a few more times, although I haven't been sleeping well recently so have been too tired to go out this week.

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