Worn out

I wonder how many of my blog entries are synonyms for "tired". It never seems to end! Anna has been unwell since last week, Kitty and Rory were unwell before that and Kitty was unwell again this weekend. I never seem to have enough time or energy to get everything done.

On the plus side, my hamstrings eventually healed up enough for me to go on a bike ride. I've managed three rides since and they're still a little sore but mostly better. The weather is getting nicer but the wind is still blowing away, it's quite depressing having to cycle home into a 15-20mph headwind when you're unfit!

We've got our holiday to the Isle of Wight booked again for the summer, and we're probably heading up to Clacton soon to make sure the caravan is OK and ready to go for Glastonbury. It'll be nice to have a holiday, even if it is only Clacton, I could do with a break.

I've finally managed to set up the Raspberry Pi to allow me and Nicky to play with circuits. So far we're only doing basic things with LEDs and coding them to flash. Nicky is obsessed with Robot Wars and plans to make his own robot, so these are the first steps!

Our first circuit! #raspberrypi

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