My mood seems to be up and down at the moment. I'm so fed up with politics and the constant "strong and stable" nonsense. I'm trying to block it all out as I know I can't affect it in any way (we live in a safe Tory seat).

I've also not been sleeping well this week which means I've not been coping well with life. I'm glad it's the weekend now and work is finished with! Hopefully the weekend will be quieter and I can actually relax, but I wouldn't put any money on it.

My legs have been holding out and I've been on a few rides over the last couple of weeks. Last week I cycled 58km which is the longest I've managed since September 2015. I ached afterwards but it felt good! Hopefully I can build up something kind of fitness base again.

Last weekend Nicky and Kitty took part in a capoeira festival, and both of them moved up to a yellow cord. It was great to see how much more confident they have become since starting, and it was also great watching the older students in action. Kitty won the youth competition and first prize was a berimbau, a Brazilian musical instrument. I'd love to take up capoeira when I have more free time and money - in my head I can do it all as I've been watching it for a couple of years, but I know in practice I'd probably injure myself after five minutes!

Keane Ingram

A father of three and husband of one. I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active (especially cycling, running and capoeira) and playing video games. I also enjoy reading and watching films.

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