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Out of breath

I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment. I woke up last Thursday feeling a bit breathless with a feeling like something was pressing against my chest. Hopefully it's just a cold and will go soon but it's pretty frustrating - it's stopping me from riding my bike or anything too hectic. I feel fine other than this which is very annoying.

Rory seems to be enjoying his start to school life, he comes home every day with a big smile and tells us that he been doing loads of exciting things but there were too many things to remember! The other two are back into the routine without any problems.

I've not really done anything exciting over the last few weeks. We're going away this weekend to Clacton though for a family birthday and to check the fridge caravan - I replaced it after our holiday to the Isle of Wight but haven't been able to test it yet, and I have to saw a bit off the vent to make it fit - I'm sure it'll be lots of fun(!) I've also…

Back to school

Finally, the house is quiet and I can concentrate on work! Nicky and Kitty seem happy enough back at school, although I think Rory is in for a big shock when he starts next week and has to be ready to leave by 8.40! His teacher and TA came to visit yesterday and he ignored them both which is unusual for him, he seems to be coming down with something.

I've not been doing too well recently. I think having the kids at home and not having the time/energy to go for a bike ride means I've not had any time to myself for a while, which I don't seem able to cope with at all. I've started using a meditation app to see if that can help me cope with anxiety/stress. I don't really have anything to be anxious or stressed about other than silly little things.

I went to Brushfest over the Bank Holiday weekend with some friends - it was nice to go to a festival without kids and be able to drink and see who I wanted! The highlight were definitely the Mariachi Doritos, but that may w…